About the Muhlenberg Business Program

Muhlenberg’s Business Program develops leaders ready to face the challenges of succeeding in today’s competitive business world. We prepare graduates to address constantly changing global and industry environments, act ethically, and use a range of knowledge and skills in their work. Business majors learn how the core disciplines of management, marketing, operations, accounting, and finance drive today’s business, while experiencing the breadth and richness of Muhlenberg’s liberal arts curriculum.

We emphasize critical thinking, effective communication, and collaborative effort. The ethical, environmental, and international dimensions of business decisions are embedded in the curriculum, as we work to instill a love of learning as a lifetime activity. This remains true in pandemic times, when we adapted curriculum and teaching to emerging business realities.

To build knowledge and skills in business practice, we supplement classroom work with experiential and action learning, a vigorous internship program, and in-depth research opportunities. Our strategic partnerships with businesses, community and professional groups, and alumni create opportunities for our students

Business faculty have experience in manufacturing, banking, broadcast, arts, services marketing, industrial chemicals, consulting, and other fields, domestically and globally. We use our experience and scholarly disciplines to show students how in-depth study improves business performance and personal success. Our ongoing mentorship includes career counsel, applying the practices of our disciplines, and supporting collaboration in teaching, scholarship, and service.


  • The Silent Second Pandemic

    Dr. Dayna McCarthy ’05 works with patients who suffer from persistent symptoms for months after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • Sneakers and Supreme

    As founder of the online brand SAINT, Matt Steiner ’21 shapes the social media conversation surrounding streetwear.

  • Putting Sustainability Into Practice

    Two seniors are partnering with the cities of Allentown and Easton to compile greenhouse gas inventories and shape future climate action.