The Africana Studies minor is an interdisciplinary study of the history, culture, and socio-economic experience of people of African descent with a particular emphasis on the African American experience. Students with any major may complete the Africana Studies ÿminor by fulfilling the curricular requirements.


The minor in Africana Studies consists of six courses

Required Courses:
AAS 101 Introduction to African American Studies
ENG 273 or 274 African American Literature or ENG 232 African American Drama
HST 365 or 366 The African American Experience I: to 1896 or
HST 367 or 368 The African American Experience II: since 1896
SOC 224 American Ethnic Diversity or SOC 235 Inequality & Power

Electives: Students must complete two electives
One general elective which may be satisfied by any course that engages topics of African American or Africana experience, including the following already existing courses:

AAS 280 Black Feminism
AAS 380 Black Popular Culture
ATH 260 Voodoo in Haiti & the Diaspora
COM 372 or 373 Race & Representation
FRN 330 Francophone Cultures of Africa & the Caribbean
HST 144 Music of the Civil Rights Movement
HST 288 Sub-Saharan African History
HST 281 Comparative Slavery in the New World
HST 291 Colonial Latin America
PSC 203 Civil Rights & Liberties
PSC 237 or 238 Government & Politics of Africa
PSY Contemporary Racism

One arts elective, which must be satisfied by a course engaging African American or Africana arts (art, dance, film, music, or theatre). Possible already existing courses include the following:

ARH 233 African American Art
DNC 150 African Dance & Cultures
MUS 225 World Music
MUS 228 History of Jazz
THR 230 or 231 Topics in Theatre History: Post-Independence African Theatre

Please see the College Catalog for course descriptions.