Muhlenberg’s Africana Studies Program intertwines scholarship and activism in pursuit of building an equitable world. Through interdisciplinary courses and extracurricular programming that center the histories, contributions, and legacies of Black populations, along with discussions of the history of global anti-Black racism and its contemporary reverberations, the Program uses a multi-faceted, intersectional, anti-racist approach to education to create revolutionary change rooted in racial justice.

The Africana Studies Program prepares students from all backgrounds to identify and dismantle racist systems; contribute to our diverse world in ethical, transformative ways; and embark upon a variety of career paths and life experiences equipped to be empathetic, innovative global citizens who are committed to imagining and implementing positive social change.

Meet the Co-Directors

Dr. Emanuela Kucik

 Profile image of professor Emanuela Kucik

Co-Director, Africana Studies Program

Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies
Co-Director, Graduate School Preparatory Program (with Dr. Giancarlo Cuadra)

 Dr. Margo Hobbs

 Profile image of professor Margo Hobbs

Interim Co-Director, Africana Studies Program

Professor of Art History
Chair, Department of Art

Africana Studies

Featured Stories.


  • Representation Matters

    Muhlenberg’s first Black student body president, Zaire Carter ’22, wants to approach every situation with the will of the students—all of the students—driving his decision-making.

  • Guys and Dolls

    In his research into “precarious manhood,” Assistant Professor of Psychology Kenneth Michniewicz explores what it means to be seen as masculine and how fragile that perception can be.