Major and Course Information

Biochemistry majors will complete a number of courses offered by the Science Division, as listed below. This program of study includes three core courses in Biochemistry: an intermediate level course, Biochemistry, and two advanced courses, Experimental Biochemistry and Advanced Biochemistry. Please consult the Registrar for more information on course offerings.

The Biochemistry Major
Foundations courses in science
BIO 160 Foundations of Biological Inquiry
BIO 165 From Ecosystems to Organisms and BIO 175 From Organisms to Molecules
CHM 103 General Chemistry I and CHM 104 General Chemistry II
MTH 121 Calculus I and MTH 122 Calculus II

Core courses in chemistry
CHM 203/205 Honors Organic Chemistry I or CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 204/206 Honors Organic Chemistry II or CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 321 Physical Chemistry I

Core courses in biochemistry
BIO 220 Biochemistry
BCM 341 Experimental Biochemistry
BCM 441 Advanced Biochemistry

Electives in biology and chemistry
Two courses from different lists must be selected.

List A
BIO 205 Cell Biology I
BIO 215 Genetics
BIO 225 Microbiology

List B
CHM 311 Analytical Chemistry I
CHM 312 Analytical Chemistry II (pending faculty approval)
CHM 322 Physical Chemistry II

List C
BIO 335 Immunology
BIO 405 CUE: Cell Biology of Human Disease
BIO 412 CUE: Molecular Biology of Cancer
BIO 472 CUE: Genomes and Gene Evolution
NSC 304 Receptors and Channels