The chemistry curriculum provides students the opportunity to study the principles of matter and its composition, properties and process within the broader and integrative context of the liberal arts.

Muhlenberg’s program, offering chemistry as a major, a minor and a teaching certification, is accredited by the American Chemical Society. Students gain access to research-grade instrumentation early in their studies and have the opportunity to further challenge themselves by electing to stand for honors in the program.

Future chemistry and biochemistry majors can take Project Lab, a special section of General Chemistry II that provides research experience in the first year, and a special section of organic chemistry to further laboratory skills. For non-majors studying organic chemistry, Muhlenberg has created a unique and flexible course schedule that provides essential laboratory time while better aligning with the postgraduate goals of students in other disciplines, such as biology and neuroscience.

Professor Joseph Keane teaches students in the chemistry lab.

Chemistry at Muhlenberg

Science that solves problems

Chemistry students are equipped with the skills needed to solve pressing global problems in just about any sector or industry.

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