The Creative Writing and Journalism Minor offers students courses in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, journalism and digital media. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to be imaginative thinkers and writers who will excel in whichever career path they choose, from professional writer to business entrepreneur, from theater director to marketing executive, from neurologist to lawyer. Its goals are to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the various genres in writing, to introduce them to the nuances and possibilities of written language, to teach them how to conceptualize and empower them to write successfully in their unique and beautiful voices, and to acquaint them to the multiple traditions and innovations of the written form.

Students will explore how literature, journalism and other writing disciplines cultivate an awareness of the importance of ethical writing, which means not only avoiding plagiarism but understanding how bias and exclusive language (language that perpetuates racism, sexism, stereotypes and discrimination) can mar any writing. We encourage our students to take risks and to offer their readers a new, varied and defamiliarized perspective.

Courses are taught by faculty in the English, Film Studies, Media & Communications, and Theater programs. Students may major in any College major and minor in Creative Writing and Journalism. Students are permitted to double-count specific courses toward fulfillment of the requirements in various other programs.

For more information, contact Linda Miller, Director of the Creative Writing & Journalism Minor: [email protected]