There are a number of opportunities for students to collaborate withfaculty on research projects at Muhlenberg.  Listed below is a sampling of the types of projects that are currently underway or have been undertaken recently.  If you have an interest in these or other areas, you should contact a faculty member affiliated with the Program in Environmental Science.

Dr. Jason Kelsey, Program Director, Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Uptake of soil pollutants by plants and earthworms and biodegradation of soil pollutants

Dr. Richard Niesenbaum, Professor of Biology
Plant ecology
Conservation biology
Environmental and human health

Dr. Erika Iyengar, Assistant Professor of Biology
Evolutionary behavioral ecology of marine invertebrates

Dr.  Patricia Bradt, the Donna and David Long Professor of Environmental Science.
Aquatic macroinvertebrates.
Dr. Bradt and four former students recently published a paper in Hydrobiologia. The title of the paper was "Stability and Resilience in Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages: Impact of Physical Disturbance over Twenty-Five Years." The co-authors are Mark Urban, '98, Nathan Goodman, '98, Scott Bissell, '95, and Ian Spiegel, '96.  The research compared 1970's invertebrate populations in a local stream to those in the 1990's.  As part of his honors thesis in Environmental Science, Mr. Urban identified climate factors that were responsible for substantial decreases in stream invertebrates in the 1990's.  Other Muhlenberg students (Christopher Owen, '00), continued these studies to maintain our long-term database on this stream.