Picture yourself hiking deep into an old-growth forest to inspect its rich biodiversity, wading into streams to investigate the effects of human land use on water quality, exploring coal mines to understand the formation and effects of fossil fuels and visiting wastewater treatment plants to grasp the processes that transform 30 million gallons of contaminated water each day.

When you join our group of passionate student scientists, you are immersed in the study of Earth’s eight billion people and the ways they interact with the natural world. You’ll receive an interdisciplinary and rigorous education that enriches and prepares you to pursue whatever dreams you have for yourself.

Environmental science graduates have embraced abundant and diverse opportunities: they’ve attended graduate, medical, or law school, or immediately landed jobs in industry, secondary education, research, advocacy and government. Follow the links in the After Graduation section to see more about outcomes of a Muhlenberg environmental science education.


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