Experiential Learning

As Entrepreneurs, we value learning by doing and weave this idea through our entire interdisciplinary minor. Students are challenged to participate in hands-on entrepreneurship at all levels of the program.

One of the highlights of the Muhlenberg INE experience is INE 201 - New Venture Creation. In this entrepreneurial lab, students team up to create and produce a product that they deliver to the market. Unlike in many experiences where students only develop plans and studies, our INE students take the street and internet to get their product in front of real paying customers. 

In this course, students get first-hand experience as an entrepreneur while conducting market analysis and surveys, developing prototypes, establishing a supply chain and applying the components of successful marketing, production, finance, and sales. Students are encouraged to make use of our Makerspace for the development and marketing of their products.

Some amazing ventures launched by students in our INE 201 include: