Liberal Arts Focus

Major Wordles

In the spirit of the liberal arts tradition, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Muhlenberg was developed with a primary focus on making interdisciplinary connections. Students with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship come from a variety of majors across the College. In addition to providing students with core entrepreneurial foundations, our curriculum is designed to allow students to make the most of their experiences from across disciplines.

The INE program often collaborates directly with other programs and departments across campus to develop new opportunities for students. For example, we have offered several linked interdisciplinary courses in the past. In linked interdisciplinary courses students enroll in two courses that are purposefully and meaningfully designed to promote an interdisciplinary perspective. Linked courses have been offered with neuroscience and photography with several more opportunities in the planning stages.

We are always working on developing new cross-curricular programming models. An example of this was our Summer Seed Box program. In 2019, we partnered with the Sustainability Studies program on the Summer Seed Box program. The Seed Box is a four-week pilot program funded in part by a VentureWell grant to help students develop a venture concept that would offer a solution to a sustainability-related problem. After that 4- week program students were eligible to apply for the E-Team Grant, which would provide funding for their venture concept.