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Student Workers, Fulvia and Luba
Dr. Luba Iskold - Director and Professor of Russian
Fulvia P. Alderiso - Technician

Student Workers:
Sephora Delice '21
Dana Graham '21
Danielle Kraes '21
Michael Albdewi '22
Edwin Alvarez '22
Victoria Retterholt '22
Johnaliz Batista-Pizarro '22
Stefania Lamb '23
Students NameLanguageField of StudyNotes
Sephora Delice '21 French Neuroscience & French Kalliope Editor
Dana Graham '21 Spanish Psychology & Dance Conversation Partner
Danielle Kraes '21 Spanish Psychology & Spanish Conversation Partner 
Michael Albdewi '22 Russian Neuroscience & Russian  Conversation Partner 
Edwin Alvarez '22  Spanish  Biology  & Education Conversation Partner
Victoria Retterholt '22  Spanish  Neuroscience & Spanish Kalliope Editor 
Johnaliz Batista-Pizarro '22  Spanish Psychology & Business  Conversation Partner 
Stefania Lamb '23  Russian  Psychology & Studio Art Conversation Partner 

Learn About What We Do

Explore emerging technologies and facilitate the effective use of technological innovations for the advancement of language learning, research, and service learning. Assist students daily with their language learning needs, including peer partnerships for language conversation practice.

We provide assistance for faculty in the department in the following areas:

  • Support for instructional technologies in the LC Commons and in the classroom
  • Management of course materials in Canvas
  • Technical assistance with departmental events
  • Supervision of Online Foreign Language placement exams
  • Development and maintenance of the departmental website

Use Handshake to apply for a Work-Study Position


  • Familiarity with at least one language other than English
  • Working knowledge of current and emerging computer applications


  • Supervise the use of LC Commons equipment
  • Assist faculty and students in using instructional materials

Become a Presidential Assistant

  • Maintain proficiency in the technologies of the LC Commons
  • Act as a resource person for students and faculty
  • Provide support for students and faculty in the implementation and use of multi-media curricular materials
  • Coordinate technology projects, as assigned
  • Maintain a resource library
  • Provide training to lab assistants, as directed
  • Participate in the development and application of multimedia resources
  • Other duties and projects as assigned by the Director of the LC Commons
Application forms are available through the Human Resources website.
To schedule an interview, email:
Dr. Luba Iskold
Professor of Russian and Director of the LC Commons