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Mission Statement
  Why Learn a Language?

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Muhlenberg College offers students the opportunity to acquire and advance communicative skills in: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Students can major or minor in French, Russian and Spanish, minor in German and Italian and receive a Teacher Certification in French, German and Spanish. 

The Language & Culture Commons provides information, technological resources and professional expertise that facilitate the effective use of technology for the study of languages, literatures and cultures.

All of our courses and degree programs enhance the international dimension of students’ liberal-arts education. We strongly encourage students to participate in study abroad programs. For more information, visit the Office of Global Education. 


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News & Events

Russian Studies: "Developing Economies in post-Soviet Spaces", by guest speaker Aleksandr Gevorkyan, St. John's Univ, Nov. 16, 2018, View Poster

French & Francophone Studies: "Missing people and missing history", talk by Gerty Dambury, Nov. 16, 2018, View Poster

French Club: Coffee and Conversation with Gerty Dambury, Nov. 14, 2018, View Poster

Italian and French Clubs: Cheese, Wine and Olive Oil Tasting, Nov. 1, 2018, View Poster 

National French Week, Nov. 1-7, 2018, View Poster 

Russian Club: field trip to the exhibition Photography through the Soviet Lens
Allentown Art Museum, Oct. 19, 2018 View Poster

Spanish Program: Day of the Dead Events & Coco Movie Night, Oct. 30 - Nov. 4, 2018, View Poster

Spanish Club: Board Game Night, Oct. 18, 2018 View Poster

Information Session: MILA Panama, View Poster

Italian Club: Cello and Piano Concert, field trip to Philadelphia, Sept. 20, 2018, View Poster

Information Session: MILA Puerto Rico, View Poster

Spanish Club: Meet & Greet
, Sept. 27, 2018, View Poster

'Berg Focus: Chef Annaev - Sharing Russian Culture with Students, Fall 2018, View More 




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