Mathematics Courses Waiting List Policy

A waiting list is not started until a course has reached capacity and closed. In the case of multi-section courses, all sections must reach capacity before the waiting list is started.

To add your name to a waiting list for a Mathematics course, you will need to stop by the Math/CS Department in Trumbower 110, or you can email the following information to Traci Hilbert (, and she will add you to the waiting list. Please note that signing up for a waiting list before your registration period will NOT gain you preference over a student who is ahead of you in the registration order.

You will need to submit the following information:

Your name
Your graduation year
The course and section number (or multiple course and section numbers), ranked in preferential order.
Your email address


John Smith, 2018
MTH-119-02 (1st)
MTH-119-05 (2nd)
MTH-119-04 (3rd)

If a seat becomes available, you will be contacted via email and you will have a limited time (usually 24 hours) to respond before the next person on the list is contacted.