Media & Communication

Megan Goldberg
Photographic Manipulation

Learning how to present a research paper is an imperative endeavor when one is attending graduate school in order to further his or her education in communication theory. In a research paper from Mass Persuasion and Propaganda class, I examined the history of photographic manipulation in order to evaluate its effectiveness on a society where there is a general consensus of "seeing is believing." By looking at several forms of photographic manipulation and significant image alterations made in the past, I was able to propose some solutions to the many ethical questions raised when reality is tampered with. While preparing a speech in order to present my research findings on photographic manipulation, it was vital to figure out the most important aspects of the paper and introduce them to my audience in the most coherent and effective way possible. I achieved this goal through a PowerPoint presentation containing the actual manipulated photographs I came across in my research. Although completing a research paper is an exceptional feat, appreciating the value of presenting my findings to an audience in a constructive way will prove to be beneficial to myself and others in the future.