Media & Communication

Robin DeCicco
Consequences of the Integration of Commercialism in News Presentation

Currently, there is an increased concern over objectivity in the way in which news is presented. Through analyzing my work in the Media Industries course and the text required for the summer practicum, The Media and Morality, it has become evident that competition for ratings appears to be a more significant influence over how and what news information is presented. Authors Baird, Loges, and Rosenbaum of The Media and Morality suggest that violence and sex are the two aspects of American commercialism that generate the greatest popularity and are significant ingredients in the recipe for success in building audiences. Subsequently, the increased attention in remaining ahead of the competition has become a major distraction to the reporting of objective news. I plan to illustrate this dilemma through a personal experience during my internship at the Fox News Channel. In addition to the practical lessons I learned during my internship, my communication courses have also helped me to gain a better understanding of media presentation.