We offer students at Muhlenberg College the opportunity to focus on three concentrated areas of study: Performance, Music Theory/Composition, and Music History.  Each of our concentrations includes a core curriculum and upper-level courses designed for each area of specialization. 

The core curriculum provides students with foundational skills, knowledge of the discipline of music, and introduces students to the process of analytical and creative thinking.  The connections between Performance, Music Theory, and Music History are emphasized in all the core courses 

Music majors pursue their own personal goals through the concentrations.  Courses such as the Composition Workshop, Global Pop, Women in Music, Counterpoint, Opera, History of Jazz, Electronic Music, Schubert/Schumann, World Music, and the Senior Seminar allow students to tailor their course work and develop to their own interests.  Our majors perform Senior Recitals, develop composition portfolios, write research papers, and make scholarly presentation at conferences