Adam Benjamin Clark Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding

Associate Professor of Physics
107 Trumbower Science Building
Fax: (484)664-3546

Ph.D. - Physics / University of Washington
M.S. - Physics / University of Washington
M.A. - Physics / University of Texas, Austin
B.A. - Physics and Mathematics / New College of Florida

Dr. Clark's research interests include String Theory and Particle Theory. His research focuses on an area known as the Gauge-Gravity Correspondence, which is the conjectured equivalence between quantum theories of gravity with certain properties in higher dimensional space-times and gauge theories (which describe the fundamental forces in the Standard Model of particle physics) with no gravity in lower dimensional space-times. The Correspondence is believed true for any quantum gravity theory in a space-time with the appropriate properties. Dr. Clark's research focuses on testing the Correspondence in new regimes, bringing the gauge theories used in the Correspondence closer to those of the Standard Model, and exploring when the Correspondence can be reversed (i.e. what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a gauge theory to have an equivalent description as a higher-dimensional gravity theory).