Appendix J. Information about student members for the faculty

The IRB seeks your assistance in identifying students to serve on the College’s Institutional Review Board.  Students who may find this work especially interesting and rewarding are those who have engaged or plan to engage in research with human participants while at Muhlenberg or as part of their graduate school or professional career. 

To be selected, a student must be willing to serve for the entire coming academic year and consider serving for a second year.  In general, sophomores are ideal candidates.

If you know potential candidates for serving on the IRB, please encourage them to review and complete the attached application.  Please note that a recommendation from a faculty member is required.  A recommendation letter that speaks to the student’s integrity, respect for confidentiality, and ability to work well with faculty and members of the community is most valuable.

Your assistance in identifying and recommending students for this position is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please contact the IRB Chairperson.