Mrs. Cristina Gonzalez

Profile of staff member Cristina Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant
Moyer Hall - Room 227
Fax: 484.664.5627


Cristina Gonzalez is a key contact person for the Psychology Department and assists with student and faculty needs. She also works with the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Hello, I'm Cristina Gonzalez. I am the one that keeps all the gears running smoothly around here. If you need help, I'm always available to lend a hand.

I've always been an administrative assistant, across multiple industries. Academia was the one place I've always wanted to be, and here I am - finally! Before working as an administrative assistant, I was a classically trained opera singer. Before that, I made sandwiches at my neighborhood deli on Long Island (but that was in High School).

I received my undergraduate degree in Human Resources which fits in perfectly with the humans that I care for; three teenaged boys. My wife and I spend our weekends on backyard projects, snagging deals on crystals at local shops, studying astrology, and corralling our five (yes, five!) dogs.

I'm so glad to be here and cannot wait to meet you as you navigate your time here at Muhlenberg. Drop in visits are permitted with masks on, alternatively, you can always call, email or DM (follow us on @muhlenbergpsych on all of the socials) for support.