Alternative Financing

For many families, the "How do I pay for college?" question is ultimately as important as "Where am I going to college?" Few families today can afford to pay for college out of discretionary income. Even after a financial aid package, the "How do I pay for the rest of it?" question often looms large.

For many families, some of the cost of college may come from income or assets, some may come from financial aid, and some may need to be financed in order to spread payments over time, fit payments into a monthly family budget, etc. This page provides information about financing options that can help families meet college costs.

In addition to Direct Student Loan and Direct PLUS Loan options that are used by many families to cover a portion of college costs, here is information about other alternative loans which are offered at very attractive interest rates and with flexible repayment options The Muhlenberg College Monthly Payment Plan also helps many families manage their own cash flow in meeting educational costs.

We hope you will take a moment to consider these financing options. You may find, as many families have, that they are very helpful in making the Muhlenberg educational experience affordable.