The Change Champion Network

The Change Champion Network is made up of a group of individuals from across campus that is willing to engage the community to increase awareness and help facilitate change from Capstone to Workday Student.  

The Change Champion Network plays a key role in helping the project team understand processes and perspectives at the individual level.  

The Organizational Change and Control team understands that it is much easier to understand the benefits of the Workday Student system when explained by your colleagues who understand the intricacies of your work.  It is equally important to have a colleague to share your concerns with, a colleague that might experience the same concern and will relay that concern to the core project team.


We want to know what people are saying about Workday Student!

Please reach out to our Change Champion Network Sponsors:

Jennifer Ortiz - Assistant to the Chief Information Officer

Phedra Henninger - Director of Client Support Services

Workday Student at Muhlenberg