Observing Protein Structure

-Similarly to the demonstration in lab using sickle cell hemoglobin and wild-type hemoglobin, you will now use the Structure database to compare the molecular structure of wild-type hemoglobin and leghemoglobin, the gene homologous to hemoglobin and found in plants. Remember that leghemoglobin and hemoglobin are believed to be derived from a common ancestral gene even though one is found in plants and the other in animals, respectively. For this part of the laboratory you will need to search the Structure database for Leghemoglobin. The wild-type model has already been downloaded for you during the in class demonstration.

-To search for the molecular model, type "leghemoglobin" into the search box at the top of the screen.

-Click on "Go" to begin the search.

Finding what you need from your search results:

-Similarly to the other databases you have used, there is no "perfect match" to your search term. You will have to look at all of the options available and choose the closest match. For this part of the lab, you should select "Leghemoglobin (deoxy)"

-Click on the link for "Leghemoglobin (deoxy)."

-Scroll down the page and select the "View/Save Structure" option.

-At the prompt, select "save to disk" and the click on "Save." This will automatically send the downloaded file to the Temporary folder on the C drive.