Honors in Chemistry

Students may apply for honors in chemistry if they maintain an average 3.30 GPA in all chemistry courses.

Any candidate must consult with a faculty member who is willing to act as the faculty director of an independent study/research project, CHM 970. This consultation and planning stage usually takes place during the candidate's junior year at the College. Then, working with the director, the candidate develops and writes a research proposal that is presented to the members of the Chemistry Department prior to the beginning of the candidate's senior year. The Department will meet to discuss the proposal and decide whether or not to accept the candidate into the honors program. The candidate will be notified of the results by the chair of the Chemistry Department.

Any candidate accepted into the Honors Program must complete at least one course unit (normally more than one unit is needed to make significant progress) of independent study/research while working closely with his/her faculty research director. The candidate must submit an independent study/research paper one week prior to the oral examination, but no later than April 15 of his/her senior year. The Department will schedule an oral examination of the work. During the examination, the candidate will present a professional seminar to discuss the results of the work, and then respond to questions from members of the Department. The oral presentation can be given during the regularly scheduled Seminar, CHM 050 or 950 that is also required of all honors candidates.

Based on the quality of writing, merit of the science, responses during oral questioning, and quality of all course work, the Department will determine the degree of honors awarded. This could be either none, honors, or high honors. (Note that high honors is rarely awarded.) The candidate will be notified of the results by the chair of the Chemistry Department.

   Proposal Guidelines