• Outstanding Faculty
  • More than a Dozen Large and Small Ensembles
  • A Rich Variety of Musical Styles Traditions
  • Music Exceptional Facilities


Student Profiles

Music at Muhlenberg is a student-centered experience. Whether in studio instruction, active classroom learning, or ensemble performance, students will find the resources and encouragement they need to become thinking musicians and creative scholars.

Music  Michelle Rossi, Class of 2013

When Michelle Rossi entered Muhlenberg, she thought she would major in Biology and minor in Music. She found a home in the Music Department and realized she could earn both her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts.

“Music was a perfect contrast to my biology studies. I was sold on earning a dual degree.”
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Music  Gillian Irwin, Class of 2013

“The best thing about Muhlenberg’s Music department—which is really the best thing about all of Muhlenberg—is the relationships students can develop with faculty members; even better, those relationships often spring from or connect to activities outside of class...."
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