Thank you for your interest, but the submission deadline for the contest has passed.


A True Story Contest
for Members of the Muhlenberg Community

Muhlenberg is looking for a few (or more) good stories. We know that the liberal arts change lives and there are all sorts of statistics to prove it.  But we want to hear from you!  Thus, we are announcing this contest.

In 100 words or less, provide a true story about how the liberal arts changed your life (hopefully for the better).  Stories can feature any (or all) areas of the liberal arts - humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or the arts.  We are looking for stories about how your liberal arts education (whether at Muhlenberg or elsewhere) helped you learn something about yourself, your talents, your purpose in life, or something else that has had an important influence on what you do, how you do it, how you think, how you solve problems, or how you live.  While stories like "I met my spouse in my art history class" are sweet, that is not what we are looking for (after all, theoretically you could have met your spouse in a queue at the ATM).

While we cannot accept anonymous entries, the entries will have identifying information removed before being judged by a select panel of judges, chaired by President Helm.

Captain's ChairSelected winners may be offered an opportunity to tell their stories in this year's Muhlenberg video (to be filmed in November). Some winners may have their stories published in Muhlenberg magazine.  One grand winner will receive a Muhlenberg Captain's chair, engraved with his/her name and affiliation and up to two lines of text of her or his choosing.

The contest is open to all members of the Muhlenberg community: students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends.

Stories can be submitted below, or via email or on paper to Ken Butler, Executive Assistant to the President (butler@muhlenberg.edu) no later than October 15. Winners will be announced in December.