Mission Statement
Mental Health Peer Advocates 

Muhlenberg College Peer Educators are student leaders who empower their fellow students to explore healthier lifestyles. Peer Educators accomplish this through education, role modeling, advocacy, and collaboration with campus academic, student life, and community resources.  Through engagement with Peer Educators, students will be more efficacious in informed decision-making, thereby promoting agency with accountability. All peer educators approach their practice through a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework. 

Vision Statement

Mental Health Peer Advocates aim to empower, advocate and support fellow peers in wellness and mental health. 



Current MHPA  Members

Image of Brenda RitterMy name is Brenna Ritter and I am currently a junior that is majoring in psychology, with a focus on marriage and family therapy. I transferred from a nearby school in the spring semester of 2019, making this my second year here at Muhlenberg. I am a member of Phi Mu and I can typically be found sitting by Java Joe’s with them or at GQ by myself. I love to draw and I specialize in digital art. Walmart and thrift store exploring is my second hobby. If you ever need someone to just listen, binge watch movies, or go on random adventures, I am your girl! If you want to reach out with any questions or comments, email me at britter@muhlenberg.edu or message me on Instagram (@bumblebee_brenna).

Image of Kelsey L. Casimir

I am Kelsey L. Casimir. I am first year here at Muhlenberg. Currently, I am undecided on what I want my major to be. However, I know that I have a love for people and helping them. I am an intern at the Multicultural Center, a tour guide here on campus, and a member of the Emerging Leaders. I love a corny good movie and love to binge watch a show. I also enjoy painting and going to different events around campus with my friends. If you ever want to reach out my email is kcasimir@muhlenberg.edu and my instagram is @kelsey.lucette. Please hit me up if you have any questions or concerns.

My name is Sarah and I’m a junior here at Muhlenberg. I’m a double major in Media & Communications Sarah Coffeland French Studies. On campus I’m a member of Delta Zeta, Voices of Strength Peer Educators and Cardinal Key Society. When I’m not studying you can find me watching How I Met Your Mother or hanging out with friends in GQ. I’m so excited to be a part of the Mental Health Peer Educators Group! If you ever need someone to talk to, whether it’s about your latest Netflix binge or anxiety, or if you want someone to grab a meal with send me a message on Instagram @sarahcoffel or email me scoffel@muhlenberg.edu 

Image of Megan LyttleMy name is Megan Lyttle, and I’m a first-year here at Muhlenberg. I’m so excited to be a part of the Mental Health Peer Advocates! I’m a neuroscience major, but I also love writing and theater. If you ever need to find me, I'm probably on the third floor of New Sci ferociously folding paper cranes or eating muffins. I’m a proud Hufflepuff, I’m obsessed with otters, and I like to spend my time reading, drawing, playing the drums and the oboe, watching the Mandalorian, eating snacks, and feeding my cat’s ego with love and attention. If you ever want to talk, or just want to see pictures of my cat, feel free to contact me through my email at mlyttle@muhlenberg.edu.

 Hey! My name is Grady Boruchin, and I am a freshman here at Muhlenberg. I am very excited to join and be a part of the Mental Health Peer Advocates! I’m a psychology major and focusing more on the therapeutic side of psychology. I am a football player for Muhlenberg, love to talk music of any genre, love to talk sports, eat and love to relax. If you need me, I am generally in the dining hall or the light lounge. If you need to contact me about something important or just introduce yourself, please email me at gboruchin@muhlenberg.edu or message me on Instagram.

  Hi! My name is Nadya Goldstein, and I am a sophomore. I am really looking forward to being a part of        Mental Health Peer Educators. I am a psychology and sociology double major. I am on the women’s            soccer  team here, and am a frequent guest at the Chabad house right off campus. I love baking,              eating   lots and lots of snacks and working out. If you want to have a chat, hang out, or just get in            contact with   me, you can reach me at ngoldstein@muhlenberg.edu or on instagram @nadyagoldstein.


Rebeka JofreHeyooo!! I’m Rebeka, a junior here at Muhlenberg College! I’m so excited to be part of the Mental Health Peer Educators Group. I am a Math major and on the education track for my 7 - 12 teacher’s certification. I am in Alpha Chi Omega here at Muhlenberg and you will almost always find me in dhall sitting with them. I am a sucker for a good book and love watching crime shows, I’ve watched my favorites at least 4 times each. I’m obsessed with cute animals and babies and I love painting when I need to take a break from things. If you find yourself ever needing  someone to talk too or just some quick advice or even if you just need a painting buddy or someone to walk with you to grab a snack, feel free to message me on instagram (@rebekajof) or send me an email: rgjofre@muhlenberg.edu

Rebecca GrunbergerHello! I’m Rebecca Grunberger, and I am a freshman majoring in Psychology. I am so happy to be involved as a Mental Health Peer Advocate, and cannot wait for all the good the group has to offer! I love to hang out with friends, and you will most likely find me socializing at the dining hall or studying in the light lounge. I am also a huge fan of animals, especially dogs! I have two dogs of my own, and post copious amounts of pictures of them.  If you ever need anyone to talk to, grab a meal with, or hangout with I am always glad to be there for anyone! Always feel free to reach me at rgrunberger@muhlenberg.edu or on instagram @rebeccagrun112 

Liliana Benanchietti Hi! My name is Liliana Benanchietti and I am a freshman here at Muhlenberg. I am a Psychology major and a Women and Gender Studies minor. I am hoping to become a health or sports psychologist, and just want to help people. I am also a pole vaulter on the track team here. You’ll always find me either lifting in the gym or eating and doing the Renegade with friends in the dining hall. In my free time in the middle of the night I like to rearrange my room, paint my nails, or chop my hair and dye it blue. There’s never a dull moment with me! If you ever need to talk, or want a gym or dinner buddy, you can reach out to me on my Instagram (@lilyb.38). You can also email me at lbenanchietti@muhlenberg.edu.  

Chris RothbardHi! My name is Chris Rothbard and I’m a junior here at Muhlenberg. I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Philosophy. I’m the president of the Philosophy Club and a member of ATO. I’m excited to be a part of the Mental Health Peer Advocates! I usually spend most of my time in the library, so if you see me and need to talk about something feel free to come say hi. If you need to contact me my email is ckrothbard@muhlenberg.edu

Katelyn HughesHi! My name is Katelyn Hughes and I am a part of the class of 2023. I am majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Math. I love to dance, listen to music, hang out with my friends and family, and workout! I am involved with many other clubs on campus, but super excited to be a Mental Health Peer Advocate! If you ever need someone to talk to or just hang out with, my email is kehughes@muhlenberg.edu



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