Mission Statement
Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg

Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg are student leaders who serve to promote the health and wellness of the campus community.  To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Empower all individuals in the community to engage in responsible decision-making by offering educational outreach activities and programming.
  • Create a community support system that fosters active healthy lifestyles by connecting existing resources on campus.
  • Lead the community in adopting health promoting behaviors by sustaining a healthy culture on campus.

Directly linked to the Health Center and Public Health Major, Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg is a unique organization whose members practice public health at the campus community level everyday.

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Peer Health Advocate Application
PHAM Application (online)

History & Development

The idea for this organization was developed in Health Psychology, a service learning class taught by Dr. Kathy Harring. During the 2010-2011 academic year, Jessica Chu ’12, Anna Hill-Moses ’12 and Hannah Mitchell ’11 worked with Dr. Harring and Brynnmarie Dorsey, the director of the Health Center, to develop health promotion programs for Muhlenberg students. During their service learning experience, they researched the efficacy of peer health programs and found numerous studies citing the power of peer health promotion and education among college students. Acknowledging the Muhlenberg Health Center as a resource, recognizing the ability of a peer health advocate group to connect students with the Health Center and vice versa, and passionate about advocating for health and wellness among their peers, they extended their service-learning project into a healthy campus initiative. The planning of the Spring 2011 Wellness Fair by the students in collaboration with the Health Center was a huge success, attracting more campus members to the Wellness Fair than ever before. After a recruitment and interview process in the Fall of 2011, PHAM initiated 19 members in Spring 2012 and is currently an active group at Muhlenberg College.


 Current PHAM Members

Name: Danielle Strashinsky

Class year: 2021

Major: Psychology 

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM because I have an interest in public health, but decided not to pursue a major or minor in the subject. PHAM has given me an opportunity to be involved with educating the Muhlenberg community on how to be their best selves on campus. I also enjoy gaining more knowledge about disease control and improving one’s health.

Name: Aleeza Solomont

Class year: 2022

Major: Psychology major, Public Health minor 

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM so I could help spread the word on campus of different public health matters and why they are so important.



Name: Shelly Zaid-Kunz

Class year: 2022

Major: Psychology and public health

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM because health awareness and health education are two very important things that contribute to helping people and keeping them healthy!

Name: Sara Tabakha

Class Year: 2022

Major: Public Health 

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM because I want to make change's on campus that better the health of our students and the community!

Name: Emily R Sigillo

Class year: 2021

Major: Biology (Minor: Religion Studies)

Reason you joined PHAM: As someone pursuing a career as a Nurse Practitioner, I am really drawn to the mission of PHAM. I have a specific interest in preventative care, and I think this should be promoted at the college level.

Name: Christina Xu

Class year: 2023

Major: Biology and Public Health minor. 

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM because, during my freshman year, I felt was it was like to have to adjust to a new college environment, with all the stress of classes and extracurricular activities on top of it. I want to make sure that everyone on campus is informed to make healthy decisions that allow them to continue to be students who invoke change not just on Muhlenberg's campus, but also in the greater Allentown community as well. PHAM is an amazing group of educators who have long worked with the Health Center to not just remind students to get flu shots and eat healthily but also to inform the wider campus community about the many ways in which we can support each other during our time here.


Name: Sophie Berday

Class year: 2023 

Major: I'm a Public Health major on the pre-health track.

Reason you joined PHAM:  I have been interested in health and wellness for so many years and I love that I have the ability to share my passion through PHAM! I'm also involved in the Cardinal Key Society, Orientation team, Biology club and I am a pre-AED member. Looking forward to promoting the health of Muhlenberg students!

Name: Melissa Borker

Class Year: 2022

Major: Public Health and Psychology

Reason you joined PHAM: I decided to join PHAM to make a difference on campus and educate my peers. I am passionate about public health and wanted to find a group where I could share this drive. I felt that, especially at a time like this, PHAM would be able to support me as well as help turn my thoughts and goals into a reality. I am more than thrilled that I joined this team and look forward to making Muhlenberg a safer, more healthier place to be.

Name: Danny Monzo

Class Year: 2022 (Junior)

Major: Neuroscience major Public Health minor

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM to get invaluable experience in the public health field which will allow me to understand the larger systemic aspect of medicine and allow me to connect with future patients even more.

2021Name: Vanessa Pham

Class year: 2021

Major: Biology and Economics

Reason you joined PHAM: PHAM is a prestigious organization which focuses on the wellbeing and health of the Muhlenberg community.I wanted to be a part of helping a student-lead organization in making a safe and healthy environment with constant involvement and education with my peers and the greater school community.

Name: Zach Mcdonald

Class year: 2022 

Major: Economics major and a public health minor. 

Reason you joined PHAM: The main reason I joined PHAM is because I believe maintaining good mental and physical health is very important to living a happy and fulfilling life. Getting the chance to help my fellow students at Muhlenberg achieve this is a great opportunity and one that I am always willing and excited to do!

Name: Annaliese Collins

Class year: 2023

Major: Public Health Minor: Studio Art

Reason you joined PHAM:  I joined PHAM so I could be as involved in my field of study on campus as possible! Being a voice for student health and wellness is so important to me.




Name: Tc Morris

Class year: 2021

Major: Public Health, minor in Sociology

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM to find a platform to advocate for health and to continue learning better ways to improve health and wellness. I also appreciate the community we build surrounding conversations of health and feel connectedness through it.

Name: Sophie Beeler

Class year: 2021

Major: Public Health, minor in Political Science

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM because I am passionate about public health and wanted to influence healthy initiatives and take an active role on campus as a peer educator.


Name: Hannah Kwiecinski

Class year: 2022 

Major: Public Health and Theatre 

Reason you joined PHAM: I joined PHAM to help students on and off campus with different physical and mental health concerns. I believe this group can really do some good


 Name: Jessica Oxer

Name: Emily Falkenstein

Major: Media and Communications with a minor in Public Health. 

Reason you joined PHAM: I wanted to join PHAM because I wanted to advocate for and educate my peers on living a healthy and safe life in college and beyond, as well as educate them on public health issues and concerns. I am interested in educating and advocating for holistic health wellness and improving community health.