Requests for Maintenance Service or Other Related Work

Jim Bolton
Director of Plant Operations

The Department of Plant Operations is responsible for providing students, faculty, staff and visitors to the Muhlenberg College campus with an aesthetically pleasing, efficiently operated, safe and well maintained environment. The purpose of the memorandum is to describe the manner in which requests for service or work are to be made. This will assist the Department in maintaining the College in an acceptable manner and to perform as much work as the budget will permit in an orderly and timely fashion.

Any campus employee may request the Department of Plant Operations to perform work of a maintenance nature. Such requests for service shall be made on-line with the use of the Plant Operations Work Order Entry Form. It can be accessed via the Muhlenberg College start up web page, under Departmental Forms. In an emergency during normal working hours, a request for service shall be made to the Plant Operations' Office, campus extension #3400 and after hours to Campus Safety and Security at #3110. Individual making the request should provide the following to the Plant Operations office: name,telephone number, location of problem and description of needed service or repair.

A request for other types of work, apart from routine maintenance or repair, shall be initiated as follows:

  1. Complete Section I of a Request for Estimate & Project Authorization Form and provide such form to the individual's department chair or manager for review and consideration. (See enclosed form.)
  2. If approved, the department chair or manager should sign Section II of the form and forward the request to the appropriate Vice President/Dean for review and consideration.
  3. If the appropriate Vice President/Dean approves the request, that individual should sign Section II of the form and forward the document to the Plant Operations Department.
  4. Plant Operations will review the work and determine if the request requires review by other campus individuals or groups. If review is needed, Plant Operations will refer the authorization form to the appropriate person for their review and consideration. Plant Operations will not perform any work or initiate any contracts for until the required reviews are completed.
  5. If all persons and/or groups required to review the authorization approve and budget approval is received from the Vice President of Finance, Plant Operations will issue a work order to perform the work as requested. If the request is not approved it will be returned to the individual who initiated the request.*Request for Review/Consideration Form