Green Students

At Muhlenberg, you'll find a vibrant student community focused on sustainability. Community members may participate in a Sustainable Living house, a student-run community garden, student religious groups, student government roles and numerous other clubs, groups and organizations. Ongoing student initiatives include a competition for reducing electric consumption in residence halls and an annual Earth Day Celebration.


The Muhlenberg Environmental Action Team (EnAcT) is a student organization that educates the campus on sustainability and environmental issues and develops projects and programs to better the ecological impact of individuals. EnAcT's mission is to spread environmental awareness and cultivate ecological literacy while actively taking part in the ecological betterment of the campus, local, and global communities.

Food Recovery Network

The Food Recovery Network’s goal is to reduce wasted food by collecting excess catered food and delivering it to community organizations. Students partner with Muhlenberg Dining and Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley to reduce food waste at the College and support individuals and families at Turning Point.

Garden Club

The Muhlenberg Community garden is curated and maintained in the spring, summer and fall by the Muhlenberg Garden Club. The garden is home to a collection of sustainability initiatives in addition to the vegetables and flowers grown there such as the composting program, rainwater collection tanks and the permaculture garden, which is home to a collection of local plants and herbs.

Plant-Based Advocates
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Plant-based Advocates is a club at Muhlenberg College spreading awareness of how a plant-based diet benefits environmental health and animal welfare.

The Beekeeping Club
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This club is dedicated to the education of the student body on the traditions of beekeeping, the anatomy of bees, and their importance to the ecosystem.

Outdoor Club
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The Muhlenberg Outdoors Club exists to create a community of adventurous, nature-loving and nature-oriented students in order to experience, learn about and promote a sense of harmony with the outdoors. The club give students the opportunity to hike, climb, bike, swim, raft and more in an outdoor setting to achieve these goals.

Community Engagement

Through the College's Office of Community Engagement, students can volunteer to support sustainable communities and take advantage of leadership opportunities in partnership with numerous local organizations and non-profit groups.