We ensure our building environments and grounds include energy planning efforts that conserve natural resources and implement sustainable practices.

Image for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Muhlenberg recently entered into a historic project to collectively purchase solar energy with three other Pennsylvania colleges. Along with other on-campus renewable energy initiatives, this project allows the College to have a carbon-neutral electricity footprint for the first time.

Image for Sustainable Construction & Renovation

Sustainable Construction & Renovation

We make extensive efforts to maintain and improve upon building efficiency during our campus renovation and expansion projects.

Image for Green Operations

Green Operations

We incorporate renewable energy, energy efficiency and water conservation into our operations and educational programs as well as ethical, environmental and social considerations into all purchasing decisions.

Image for Grounds & Biodiversity

Grounds & Biodiversity

We manage our grounds to educate our community, support biodiversity, connect to nature and use the land entrusted to us wisely.