About Master Planning

The Campus Master Plan will integrate Strategic Plan goals and imperatives, related assumptions regarding enrollment, and pedagogy etc. The Master Plan provides the College with an understanding of the physical implications associated with the various decisions preferred by the College Community.

In addition, the WRT Team is also able to assist Muhlenberg College throughout the process by sharing examples of best practices. There are many interrelated considerations which impact the Campus Master Plan. These include:

  1. Strategic: Build on Muhlenberg University’s Strategic Plan and assess and reflect how well those facilities are serving the College’s outlined goals.
  2. Academic: Review existing and proposed programs for potential expansion and facilities need. Re-examine departmental adjacencies and programmatic relationships.
  3. Financial: Identify planned, phased improvements and associated costs which support those goals and future key initiatives in the context of expected revenue.
  4. Community: Share information across the College community to enhance existing and create new campus relationships through academic discourse and conversation.
  5. Student Life: Plan a campus environment that accommodates diverse interests and provides a wide variety of experiences for students.
  6. Facilities: Prepare a thorough review of the existing facilities and grounds. Identify opportunities for improvement.