Check In:
At the beginning of each school year, each student who lives in college housing is asked by Housing & Residence Life staff to sign a room inventory form which describes the condition of the room and furniture. All furniture present in the room upon check in must be there and in the same condition when a student checks out of the room. The college does not have storage facilities to store unwanted room furniture.

Check Out:
When a student checks out of a room either during the school year or at the end of the school year, we encourage the student to complete the check out portion of the room inventory form with a Housing & Residence Life staff member. Failure to do so results in the student waiving his/her right to appeal any billing for damage to the room. Pictures of furniture can be viewed online here. Dimensions of furniture can be found online here.

All students are provided with the following furnishings:

Desk Chair
Closet or Wardrobe
Overhead or Wall Lighting
Window Shades
Phone line for each student
Data line for each student
Cable line for each student

*Most areas now have 80 in. mattresses so we recommend extra long or twin long sheets.

In addition, students in the MILE Area, 2201 Chew St, The Village, and Robertson and South Halls are provided with a living room set made up of some of the following types of furniture*:
Soft Chair
Coffee Table
End Table
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
*Amount and type of furniture will vary depending on apartment and suite

*Please note*
When residence halls and MILE Properties are renovated, they are provided with loftable beds, computer ready desks (deeper desk with drawer for keyboard), and 2 position chairs.