Laundry Facilities/Services

Laundry Facilities
For students convenience, laundry facilities are provided in each residence hall and at 5 locations throughout the MILE Area.

Residence Hall Locations: Ground floor or basement of each residence hall

MILE Locations:                                                                                                                                                            

2241-43 Liberty St. (rear)

414 Albright St. (side)

2442 Tilghman St. (rear)

2245 Gordon St. (rear)                                                      

319/321 22nd St. (side)

415-419 Leh St. (rear)

Cost: $1.50/wash - $1.50/dry (45-60min.)

*All machines are coin activated. The major on Campus buildings (Walz,Prosser, Brown, Taylor, ML. East, Benfer, 2201 Chew, Village) accept Berg Bucks. The MILE Laundry rooms are coin only.