Welcome from the Director, Robin Riley-Casey

As the Director of the Office of Multicultural Life (OML), I want to welcome you to our virtual space. My staff and I hope that this page will serve as a resource to you during your time at Muhlenberg, and as a gateway to many of our impactful and exciting programs and opportunities at OML. Whether you are seeking community, looking to engage in direct action for social justice, build skills to engage in thoughtful dialogue across difference, or simply a place to do laundry and hang out, we believe that OML offers something for everyone in the Muhlenberg family. I invite you to explore our many offerings, including internships and our peer education program, as well as ways of getting involved and finding community through Muhlenberg’s eight Multicultural Affinity Groups.


Founded in 2006 following the direct action of Muhlenberg students and the Diversity Vanguard, the Office of Multicultural Life (OML) engages the Muhlenberg community in dialogue around difference and encourages students, faculty, and staff to contribute to the creation of a more just world through intentional programming, social justice and equity education, and capacity building.

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OML connects people through shared understanding and collaborative action for social justice.  It is a campus wide resource that promotes the academic, personal, and social success of all students, particularly those from under-represented and historically marginalized populations. More


The vision of social justice that guides OML is concerned with fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and less divided society; it is a guiding principle for citizenship that envisions the individual, not as self-interested, but as emerging from and existing within a broader set of social relationships.  It achieves its mission through the sustained development of social justice leaders and change agents.


OML is guided by core values that shape our approach to social justice and inclusion work at Muhlenberg.

Equity and Social Justice:

We believe that societal structures tend to privilege the powerful.  Without the intentional actions of individuals, the needs of those with fewer resources are overlooked.  We believe that there are enough resources to meet the needs of all, and to enable each person to live a full life with dignity.  Muhlenberg College has a responsibility to promote a more just society and to challenge inequitable policies and systems.

Collaboration and Commitment:

We believe the challenges facing our communities are complex and can only be addressed through long-term, sustainable relationships.  Our work relies heavily on relationships with students, staff and faculty, and community members.  We are committed to the processes required for successful collaboration and seek to form mutually beneficial relationships that allow for long-term movement towards a more just society.

Student Agency:

We believe in the power and possibility of students taking action.  Muhlenberg students of all identities can use their privileged positions to impact the complex problems that result from and contribute to systemic oppression at Muhlenberg and in the larger world.