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The onset of the current global pandemic has upended life for many people. It has wrought economic hardship, devastated families, strained global healthcare systems and exaggerated social inequalities. It has also presented moments of possibility, including incredible scientific collaboration and research on treatments and vaccines, the emergence of local, mutual aid networks to provide essential resources for assisting neighbors and inspired innovations in work and education.

This Center for Ethics program explores some of the ethical questions that arise when we pause to think about the global pandemic including: What lessons can be learned from the scientific collaboration on Covid-19 treatments and vaccines? From receiving a vaccine to wearing masks, how has the pandemic exposed the limits and obligations of individual and collective ethical behavior? How should we respond to the ways in which the pandemic has had disparate impacts based on race and class? How do we think about the rationing of care when health systems get overwhelmed?


Center Director
Brian Mello, Associate Professor of Political Science

Program Directors:
Chrysan Cronin, Assistant Professor of Public HealthLindsey Nagy, Associate Professor of Economics