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Borders, Nationalisms, Identities: The Ethics of Global Citizenship 

We live in a global moment with controversies arising from a resurgence in nationalism, the simultaneous hardening and permeability of national borders and boundaries and increased flows of people as tourists, refugees, asylum seekers, laborers and students. Traffic in and exchange of raw materials, information, weapons and diseases have increasingly transformed national identities, cultures and conceptions of citizenship.

What are the ethical implications of these phenomena? How should we understand and respond to global changes in borders, nationalisms and identities? Are there historical precedents for such dynamic changes to the lives of peoples, states and our planet? What roles do new technology and communication play in crossing some borders while raising other barriers? How can we imagine our place in national and global societies when we are at the same time brought closer together and driven further apart?


Brian Mello, Director
Associate Professor, Political Science

Kassandra Hartford, Program Director
Assistant Professor, Music

Mark Stein, Program Director
Associate Professor, History