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For more than 40 years, Dr. Lee and Virginia Graver, nature lovers and conservationists, painstakingly cleared overgrown briar patches, dense brush areas and woods to create an environment conducive to growth for wildflowers, ferns, rhododendrons, and native and rare trees, including more than 150 species of conifers. The result is a beautiful 63-acre arboretum which the Gravers generously donated to Muhlenberg College in 1994.

To ensure its long-term care and upkeep, the Gravers established an endowment fund for the Arboretum in 1995. This endowment fund guarantees that future generations of Muhlenberg students, faculty and friends can enjoy the splendor of this precious natural laboratory.

Advisory Committee:
Dr. Richard Niesenbaum- Chairperson
Dr. Patricia Bradt
Mr. Kent Dyer
Dr. Giacomo Gambino
Dr. Erika Iyengar
Dr. Jason Kelsey
Dr. Daniel Klem
Dr. Paul Meier
Dr. Carl Oplinger
Dr. Donald Shive
Mr. James Steffy


Graver Arboretum

Lee and Virginia Graver