The Birds Around Us

Students learn the basics of birding- observing bird behavior, noting key characteristics of various species, and investigating what the presence of certain birds indicates about the local habitat.

Grade Level: 1st - 4th
Time Needed: 2 hours

"The Birds Around Us" Module/Unit (PDF file, 4.6 MB)

PowerPoint - Bird Characteristics
Click on the link above to download a slide set on bird identifying characteristics including: shape (silhouette), color, markings and beak type.

Note: to save the PowerPoint file to your computer or disk, click on the "File" menu from the toolbar at the top of your browser screen.  Select "Save As" and save the PPt file to the folder where you wish to keep it.

PowerPoint Outline/Script (PDF File)

Helpful Links:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Graver Arboretum
Hummingbird in Nest Graver Arboretum