Insects Don't Bug Us

Students discover what makes insects unique living things.  This leads to discoveries about how to manage pests and how insects play an important role in the environment.  

Grade Level: 1-4
Time Needed: 2 hours

"Insects Don't Bug Us" Module/Unit
(PDF file, 2.65 MB)

PowerPoint - Insect Characteristics
Click on the link above to download a slide set on the identifying characteristics of selected insect families, including grasshoppers, crickets and katydids (orthoptera), beetles (coleoptera), ants, bees and wasps (hymenoptera), butterflies and moths (lepidoptera), true bugs (hemiptera), dragonflies and damselflies (odonata), and true flies (diptera).

Note: to save the PowerPoint file to your computer or disk, click on the "File" menu from the toolbar at the top of your browser screen.  Select "Save As" and save the PPt file to the folder where you wish to keep it.

Slide Show Script (PDF file)

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