Muhlenberg business students reflect on their experience

In these videos, Muhlenberg business seniors in the class of 2017 reflect on their experiences and how they have studied business in Muhlenberg's distinctive liberal arts college environment.  Each video shows students speaking to the issues that helped them succeed in Muhlenberg's business program. There are 11 videos, a total of about 18 minutes.  Scroll down to see the lead-off question for each video.

Thanks to six 2017 Muhlenberg business graduates who shared their time and their views: Carly Coopersmith, Stephanie D’Ascoli, Joseph Hess, Brandon La Rose, Courtney Simon, and Sean Watkins.  Will Edwards of the class of 2018 produced the videos.

How has Muhlenberg's liberal arts education helped you throughout your education at Muhlenberg?

How has Muhlenberg's small class size helped your education?

What were some of your favorite business classes?

How have your professors supported your study by being available to you o utside of class?

What internship experience(s) have you had? How did your internships support your study of business?

How have mock interviews in classes and at the Career Center helped you prepare for actual job interviews?

How has being a Dana Scholar at Muhlenberg helped your study of business?

How have your two majors complemented your study of Business?

Who have been your most influential professors at Muhlenberg? How have they helped you?

How have you used the Muhlenberg Career Center's services? How did the Center help you while you were studying business?

What advice would you give to incoming Business students?

Thanks to Muhlenberg OIT: Sean Miller, Tom Sciarinno, Jeff Yorgey