Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Daniela Viale  

Lecturer in Italian & French
Ettinger 101-A
Office: 484-664-4052

B.A., M.A., UniversitĂ  di Torino, Italy
M.L.A., University of Pennsylvania

Daniela Viale teaches elementary and intermediate Italian and French at Muhlenberg, where she infuses the language classroom with enthusiasm, and fosters a dynamic, interactive and culturally rich environment. She has previously taught Italian and French at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, taught Italian at Wesleyan University, and coordinated the Italian language programs at both the University of Pennsylvania and Wesleyan University. Her areas of expertise include language pedagogy, contemporary Italian history and Italian culinary history. She has designed her own original intermediate-level Italian curriculum, which she continuously enhances and enriches, and is working to make an Open Education Resource. She has also co-created (together with her colleague, Prof. Daniel Leisawitz) an original elementary-level Italian curriculum for the elementary levels of Italian at Muhlenberg, and is currently working to develop it into a full-fledged Open Education Resource. Besides her language classes, Professor Viale has created and taught the course Eatalians: An Exploration of Italian Culinary Culture (part of the Linked Course Exploring and Experiencing Italian Food). 


Here are the links to the OERs she has been designing (work in progress):