Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

The Spanish Language and Literature program offers students the opportunity to acquire or advance communication skills in the Spanish language, with a focus on peninsular Spanish and Latin American literature, culture, and society. The LC Commons, a state-of-the-art technological facility, provides software and other instructional material for student use in support of their program of study.

Language majors and minors are uniquely situated to take on the challenges and opportunities that globalization offers, able to understand, appreciate, and critically analyze the perspectives of cultures other than their own. Senior capstone experiences in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures allow students to take their understanding of the literatures and cultures of one language and apply it in a broader multicultural and international context. Building on the dynamic tensions created by combining multiple languages and cultures in a single shared academic experience, these experiences both broaden and consolidate students' understanding of language as a living process rooted in social and cultural contexts, a process essential in a pluralistic American society and in a world where nations are increasingly interdependent.

Every spring, students in Phi Sigma Iota, the French and Spanish language honor society, present independently produced projects based on specific issues in language, literature, and/or culture. These presentations, done in English or bilingual format, are required of all senior members of the honor society. The biannual Student Symposium serves as a forum for senior majors to present papers designed around a single theme, often selected to complement the annual theme for the Center of Ethics.