Blended Learning: Redesigning Final Projects into Student-Generated iBooks

Description of the presentation:
The presentation showcased the redesigned final project: Student-generated iBook, adopted in the Advanced Language in Content course: Spain in its Art. We looked at how the project was scaffold, how both individual and collaborative work was evaluated, and the results of a final student assessment of the project. This project was awarded with the Provost RFP grant for Hybrid Course Redesign and Delivery. For further details
please refer to the following interview:



Angelina Craig-Flórez is Senior Lecturer and co-Director of the Spanish Language Program in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia University. She holds a PhD from Columbia University in Early Modern Literature and Cultural Studies. She is co-director of Teach World Languages: a website for the exchange of ideas, materials and tools for the teaching of world languages with a specific focus on novice instructors.

Her research interests include: content-based foreign language instruction, second language acquisition in the post-method era, new approaches to the teaching of reading and writing in FL and new technologies in FL teaching. All of which had an important role in the redesign of the Project: Student-generated iBooks: Spain in its Art.