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You're an important member of the Media & Communication family! The Departmentthe faculty, the staff, and most importantly your peers–are the best professional network you have working for you. Use them!


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Keep us informed about your professional accomplishments and personal triumphs. Well post your news on the Departmental News Page, so that your friends and colleagues know what you're up to. When youve got big news, well let the community know about it through our quarterly department newsletter and social network and media contacts.

Check out Alumni Week, our annual gathering of alums, students, and faculty entering its seventh year. We would love for you to join us this spring!  Alumni Week benefits alums as well as students by offering master classes, panels, and extensive networking opportunities. Alums are invited to visit classes, participate in panels, do one-on-one mentoring with students, conduct or participate in professional development workshops, give or attend lectures, or just observe and engage in informal social interaction with students, other alums and faculty. Our goal is to create conditions which will facilitate intense, focused, career-related interactions, which will be mutually beneficial to all and create some ongoing career connections. Levels of commitment are open. You can volunteer an hour, a day or make a week of it. 

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To connect with other alumni, current students, and fans, and to stay on top of current events in the Department.

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