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Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is famous for its history and culture, beautifully lush and sweeping countryside, and the hospitality of its people.

‌Located just west of Great Britain and a short distance from mainland Europe, Ireland’s small size and close proximity to other European centers offers a multitude of easy travel opportunities. With half of its population under the age of 26, Ireland has a youth culture that is unmatched in Europe.

Ireland’s economic revival has become European legend, and in Dublin, that revival has transformed the city into a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis.

The river Liffey ‘separates’ Dublin – widely known as the world’s largest village – into north and south Dublin. From the charming modern, urban electricity of Dublin to the scenic wonders and historical relics of its surrounding areas, Ireland offers a thoroughly energizing adventure in another culture.

As the main city of Ireland for all its thousand-year history, Dublin is Ireland’s cosmopolitan capital. With a population of over one million, Dublin is a dynamic city with a robust economy.

From the charm and heritage of old world Dublin to Grafton Street’s pulsating energy, of peaceful seasides, breathtaking mountain regions, and rolling green fields, Dublin is a remarkable blend of the traditional and modern.