Majors have immediate access, even as first years to up-to-date and top-of-the-line production equipment offering a wide variety of high-end production equipment including  professional digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, a variety of directional and omnidirectional microphones, lighting kits and tripod systems, and various production accessories.   

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The department offers Custom-built Audio Kits, Lavalier Mics, Mic Sticks, Rode Mics, Shotgun Mics, Wireless Mics, Tascams, Voice Recorders, Boompoles, Windscreens, and a Pod Cast Kit.

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The department offers DSLR-D series, DSLR-T series, Sony NX Camcorders, Handheld Camcorders, and a Go Pro

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The department offers LED Light Kits, ARRI Light Kits, On-Camera LED kits, Gel Packs and Bounces

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Editing Software

The department contains two classrooms with 20 iMac's and 12 portable iMac's all with an array of multimedia editing software including Adobe Creative Cloud

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Stability & Movement

The Department offers Tripods, Monopods, Sliders, Steady Cams, Body Rig, Cages, Dolly and Track, Phone Tripods, and a Shoulder

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Video Game Lab

The department offers a portable video game lab with an array of gaming systems and games for rental.

Technical Assistance 

Anthony Dalton is the Digital Cultures Technical Assistant and is available to provide technical assistance to students and faculty daily.   484-664-3871