Music Certification (K-12) through Moravian College


Through an academic partnership, Moravian College offers Muhlenberg College students the opportunity to receive music certification (K-12) through Moravian College’s Pennsylvania Department of Education (P.D.E.) approved program.

Eligibility for Admission

1. Each student must complete a preliminary application to the teacher certification program prior to enrolling in EDUC 367, Teaching Music to Children. In order to begin the certification program, a student must have:


  • a minimum G PA of 2.7 overall,
  • a minimum G PA of 3.0 in their music major,
  • a minimum G PA of 3.0 in all education courses at Muhlenberg,
  • evidence of a successful field experience in Education 101 (Foundations of Education) or Education 103 (Educational Psychology),
  • the Muhlenberg equivalent of at least 6 credits each completed in both mathematics and English (writing and literature), and
  • the Muhlenberg equivalent of at least 48 credits minimum completed in college-level courses.

2.  In order to be fully admitted to the certification program and be granted student teaching placements, a student must have achieved:

  • a minimum G PA of 3.0 overall,
  • a minimum G PA of 3.0 in their music major,
  • a minimum G PA of 3.0 in all education courses at Muhlenberg and Moravian (including EDUC 367 and 368), and
  • have fulfilled all other pre-certification requirements as specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

3. Because of space limitations and staffing concerns, the enrollment of Muhlenberg students in the Moravian music certification program is not to exceed 6 students total, or 4 in any one class year. Any exceptions to this must be cleared in advance with the Director of Music Education and the Associate Dean of the College at Moravian College.

4.As with all LVAIC cross-registrations, enrollment is on a space-available basis only; students from Muhlenberg may register after the Moravian registration period has ended.

Muhlenberg College students interested in this program should consult with the Music Department Chair at Muhlenberg and must register to take MUS 111, Music Theory I, during their first semester. Learn more about this program including course requirements, fees and tuition.