Honors Convocation Speaker

Past Speakers (present - 1960)

2021      Dr. Jill Stephen, Professor of English “We’re Building the Ship as we Sail It“
2020     Dr. Lanethea Mathews-Schultz, Professor & Chair of Political Science “See You in the                        Classroom”
2019      Dr. James Peck, Professor of Theatre “6:55: The Time of Rehearsal in Art and Life”
2018      Dr. Christopher Borick, Professor of Political Science “Questioning Yourself: The Value                    of Self Reflection in a Polarized Era.”
2017      Dr. Elizabeth McCain, Professor of Biology "Lessons From Nature”
2016      Dr. Grant Scott, Professor of English
2015      Linda McGuire, Mathematics and Computer Science
2014      Curtis Dretsch, Theatre and Dance
2013      Laura Edelman, Psychology
2012      Ted Schick, Philosophy
2011      William W. Dunham, Mathematics and Computer Science
2010      Samuel M. Laposata, Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance
2009      Kathleen E. Harring, Psychology
2008      Joan Marx, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2007      Jack Gambino, Political Science
2006      Bruce D. Anderson, Chemistry
2005      Frederick Norling, Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance|
2004      Anna Adams, History
2003      Alec Marsh, English
2002      Patrice DiQuinzio, Philosophy
2001      Marjorie Hass, Philosophy
2000      Lawrence Hass, Philosophy
1999      Devon Allen, Theatre and Dance
1998      No speaker - President Taylor
1997      Richard A. Niesenbaum, Biology
1996      Kathryn A. Wixon, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
1995      Christine T. Sistare, Philosophy
1994      John S. Meyer, Mathematical Sciences 
1993      Nelvin L. Vos, Vice President and Dean of the College
1992      Ann Wonsiewicz, Education
1991      Daniel Wilson, History
1990      Jay H. Hartman, English
1989      Vimla Sinha, Psychology
1988      Donald W. Shive, Chemistry
1987      Albert Kipa, Foreign Languages and Literature
1986      Walter E. Loy, Jr., Physics 
1985      Alton Slane, Political Science
1984      Frederick M. Busch, Professor of English at Colgate University
1983      Barbara Crossette, Assistant Foreign Editor, The New York Times
1982      Charles E. Mortimer, Chemistry
1981      Charles C. Richter, Theatre
1980      Minotte M. Chatfield, English
1979      Henry M. M. Richards, Accounting, Business and Economics
1978      John J. Reed, History
1977      Andrew H. Erskine, Theatre
1976      Edwin R. Baldrige, History
1975      Joanne S. Mortimer, History
1974      Henry A. Acres, Chancellor, EVI
1973      Philip B. Secor, Dean of the College
1972      Hagen Staack and J. Harold Wilson
1971      Ludwig F. Schlecht, Philosophy
1970      Katherine S. Van Eerde, History
1969      Charles S. Bednar, Political Science
1968      Mason W. Gross, President of Rutgers University
1967      Millard E. Gladfelter, President, Temple University
1966      Theodore A. Distler, President and Consultant of the Commission for                      
Independent Colleges and Universities, Pennsylvania Association                           of Colleges and Universities
1965      Morris S. Greth, Sociology
1964      Academic Festival for the Quarter centenary of Shakespeare’s Birth                       
Eulogy by Harold L. Stenger, Professor of English
1963      John J. Reed, History
1962      Charles E. Mortimer, Chemistry
1961      G. N. Russell Smart, Chemistry
1960      J. Conrad Seegers, President

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