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The Daniel J. and Carol Shiner Wilson Grant for the Completion of Scholarly Projects, are presented to faculty to assist with the completion of a significant work of scholarly activity.

Application Process

Faculty members shall apply for the grant by submitting a letter to the Dean of Academic Life requesting the purpose, and amount they are requesting. The money can be used to help complete a significant work of scholarship or comparable professional activity. The kinds of needs eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, page charges for publication, reproduction rights for illustrations, indexing, final preparation of a manuscript, permissions to republish previously published material, installation fees, copying fees for scores, and framing charges.
Application Date – Applications for the Wilson Grant will be considered beginning July 1st (New Fiscal Year). Awards will be made until such time as the allocated funds have been exhausted.
Eligibility – Preference will be given to all full and part time faculty, tenured, tenure-track, or contract faculty. However, adjunct faculty may apply.
Selection – The Dean of Academic Life shall receive the proposals, review them, evaluate them on the quality of the project and the need for funding, and award the grants. The Dean may choose not to fund any proposal, or may choose to divide the available monies among two or more proposals. The Dean may also choose to partially fund a proposal or proposals.
Responsibility – Awardees of the Grant are asked to participate in Honors Convocation and be recognized.


The year indicates when the faculty was recognized at Honors Convocation.

  • 2007 Thomas Cartelli
  • 2007 Thomas Cragin
  • 2007 John Malsberger
  • 2007 Linda McGuire
  • 2008 Larry Hass
  • 2008 Judy Ridner
  • 2009 Jim Bloom
  • 2010 Judy Ridner
  • 2011 Joseph Elliott
  • 2011 Alec Marsh
  • 2011 Marcia Morgan
  • 2011 Grant Scott
  • 2011 Margo Thompson
  • 2012 Michael Huber
  • 2013 Hartley Lachter
  • 2013 Brian Mello
  • 2013 Elyn Rykken
  • 2013 Grant Scott
  • 2015 Amy Corbin
  • 2015 Joseph Elliott
  • 2015 Eduardo O. Guerrero
  • 2015 Alec Marsh
  • 2015 Paul McEwan
  • 2015 Marcia Morgan
  • 2016 Keri Colabroy
  • 2017 Eduardo O. Guerrero
  • 2017 Marcia Morgan
  • 2017 Erika Sutherland
  • 2018 Thomas Cartelli
  • 2019 Benjamin Carter
  • 2020 Erika Sutherland
  • 2021 Francesca Coppa
  • 2021 Jordanna Sprayberry
  • 2022 Paul McEwan
  • 2022 Grant Scott
  • 2022 Jordanna Sprayberry
  • 2022 Benjamin Carter
  • 2022 Julie Shoults
  • 2022 Sahar Sadeghi
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