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"Anthropology of Palestine" examines the culture and social worlds of Palestine, exploring the complex interplay of state, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class at both local and global levels in constructing what Palestine is and who Palestinians are. "Queer China" explores the emergence and expression of queer identities, cultures and communities in modern and contemporary mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Chinese diaspora.

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Meet Our Faculty

Muhlenberg's Sociology and Anthropology faculty are accomplished scholars, dedicated mentors and collaborative researchers. Get to know the experts within our department.

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Conduct Independent Research

Held in the spring of each academic year, the Senior Research Symposium features presentations by graduating seniors, including talks and posters, on research emerging out of honors thesis projects and capstone seminars in sociology and anthropology.

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Our alumni

Alex Denning ’09 oversees the University of New Mexico’s Laboratory of Human Osteology, which houses the skeletal remains of between 3,000 and 5,000 individuals.

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