Class Leadership Committee Chairs

Class Leadership Committee Chairs (CLCC) work closely with Muhlenberg staff to develop new engagement opportunities, to connect classmates with their areas of interest and to bolster fundraising efforts. Their role includes answering your questions and helping you to become more involved in the College community.

Below are the current CLCCs for your class year:

Class of 1950: Theodore E. Haas

Class of 1951: Theodore C. Argeson

Class of 1953: Joseph H. Jorda

Class of 1956: Richard G. Miller, Jr.

Class of 1957: Wolfgang W. Koenig, Jr.

Class of 1958: Dr. Owen D. Faut

Class of 1959: Dr. Lee A. Kreidler

Class of 1960: Edward Davis, Jr.

Class of 1962: Duane G. Sonneborn, Jr.

Class of 1964: Patricia D. Hoffman

Class of 1965: Dr. John Trainer, Jr., Sharon M. Lowe and Barbara Kepler

Class of 1966: Timothy A. Romig

Class of 1967: Dr. Frances S. Hoch

Class of 1968: W. Russell Koerwer and David J.M. Erskine

Class of 1969: Cliff Allen III

Class of 1970: Dr. Glenn S. Kratzer and Diane R. Ladley

Class of 1971: Mary Daye Hohman

Class of 1972: Eric C. Shafer

Class of 1973: Joel M. Greenberg

Class of 1974: Bruce S. Albright and Betsy C. MacCarthy

Class of 1975: Linda M. Cenci

Class of 1976: Gregory J. Fox, Stephen J. Hart, and Carolyn Ikeda

Class of 1978: Donna B. Tyson, Esq.

Class of 1979: Rudy A. Favocci, Jr., Dawn R. Ellenberger and Mitchell R. Goldblatt

Class of 1980: Timothy A. Birch and Dr. Stuart M. Schnall

Class of 1982: Ellen B. Gesner and Marion E. Glick

Class of 1983: Tammy L. Bormann

Class of 1984: Michelle R. Pressman

Class of 1985: Carolyn Parelli

Class of 1986: Paul M. Hurd, Jr. and Jill A. Muhr

Class of 1987: Eileen Collins Neri

Class of 1988: Joann P. Gaughran

Class of 1989: Jill L. Stetz-Lewis

Class of 1990: Sharon I. Mahn and Ramy B. Sharp  

Class of 1991: Susanne H. Thompson and Christopher Parkes

Class of 1992: Dr. Trina A. Poretta

Class of 1993: Jill M. Poretta

Class of 1994: Bret G. Kobler

Class of 1995: April L. Poretta

Class of 1996: Melissa G. Daniels and Mikel D. Daniels

Class of 1997: Sheryl A. Sobiesiak

Class of 1998: Joshua A. Lindland

Class of 2000: Drew J. Bitteman

Class of 2002: Adam Marles

Class of 2003: Laura Maldonado

Class of 2004: Robyn M. Duda

Class of 2005: Chelsea Gomez Starkowski

Class of 2006: Stacy B. Seltzer

Class of 2007: Jason M. Bonder, Courtney Marsallo and Christi (Razzi) Lumiere

Class of 2008: Allie Keller

Class of 2009: Brittany A. Bloss

Class of 2010: Jessica Davis and Jonathan Falk

Class of 2011: Catherine S. Markowitz

Class of 2012: Lisa M. Peterson

Class of 2013: Nina E. Pongratz and Nashalys Salamanca

Class of 2014: Gabrielle Aboodi, Megan E. Rushmore and Michael R. Schramm

Class of 2015: Rebecca Li Grady

Class of 2016: Sarah Goldstein

Class of 2017: Sadie M. Katz and Loren I. Sass

Class of 2018: James Hahn and  H. Dempsey Schott

Class of 2019: Noa Boonin, Kaitlynn R. Ely and Evan Plaza

Class of 2020: Mitchell A. Knafo and Mary K. Baumel


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